The Hill Legacy

New Year New Legacy

Hi Everyone-   I've decided to move on from the Carnegie Legacy and begin a new legacy family with the introduction of the Strangerville Game Pack. Introducing- The Hill Legacy which takes place in the heart of Strangerville as a unknown infection ravishes the population.   Note- there will be spoilers on the Stangerville story… Continue reading New Year New Legacy

Carnegie Legacy, Generation 4: Charlie

Chapter 4.53- Project

Dalton The doorbell rang and I knew it could be only one person... it was almost strange how I could feel Vanessa's presence even through walls... and distance. Let's be honest- I've got it bad and I know I do. Ever since we kissed last year after my Grandma passed away I've loved her... but… Continue reading Chapter 4.53- Project

Carnegie Legacy, Generation 4: Charlie

Chapter 4.48- Jitters

"Wow- you're doing your summer summary already?" Delaney said commenting on Dalton's sudden interest in school. "Shut up- it's due Monday." Dalton scoffed and continued scribbling down notes about his summer activities and school work. Yes- that's right... Windenburg Prep gave homework in the summer to incoming Freshman. Dalton thought it was unbelievably stupid and… Continue reading Chapter 4.48- Jitters